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Hi! I’m Noelle, a yoga teacher from Ireland, who has been living nomadically since 2009 and is currently based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

I left home in 2009 with my partner on a one-way ticket to a small city in South Korea to work as an English teacher. It was a big adventure and I set out with an open mind, ready for plenty of exploration and new experiences. During my first few months in South Korea, I discovered yoga for the first time, learning from DVDs and information I could find online. English was not widely spoken in the city I lived in and, at first, finding a yoga teacher was difficult. 

With a little luck, I finally met my first teacher, an older Korean woman, who oddly was Jean-Claude Van Damme’s former private yoga instructor when she lived in the US! She focused primarily on Hatha Yoga and helped me to truly appreciate the nuances of different poses through her incredible passion and somewhat strict approach to teaching.

I fell in love with yoga right away and began practising as often as possible. Yoga made me feel better physically, mentally and spiritually. I felt connected, in-the-moment and involved in every breath, movement and pose that I practised. In my experience, yoga can help you to grow, self-heal and gain a new perspective on things. These lessons, learned on the mat translate into meaningful personal advances off the mat.

Since first discovering yoga all those years ago, I have been lucky enough to live nomadically, travelling to more than fifty countries, across five continents. During my travels, a lot has changed, but yoga has been the one constant in my life throughout my journey.

Throughout my wandering, I have studied under numerous teachers, in a range of different countries and surroundings. Learning from such a diverse group of teachers has helped me to gain a unique perspective and understanding of all aspects of yoga, seeing the practice not only through my eyes but through the eyes of so many influential teachers, mentors and fellow yogis I have met along the way.

Taking inspiration from my yoga experiences and interactions travelling in South Korea, Portugal, Bulgaria, Thailand, Australia, Bali, Mexico, and Scotland, I have developed my own unique approach to my yoga practice that I strive to share with my students. Travelling through Nepal, India and Sri Lanka for over a year, had a huge impact on me, allowing me an amazing opportunity to explore the spiritual side of yoga further. Learning more about Hinduism, Buddhism and the deep spiritual connection that yoga can provide fascinated me then, and still does to this day. I aim to incorporate these influences in my classes from time to time to inspire, motivate and guide my students through their practice.

Ever since travelling in India, becoming a yoga teacher was a dream of mine. Discovering more about yoga and developing my own practice, I desperately wanted to share my passion for yoga and my experiences with others. I finally undertook my Yoga Teacher Training, studying under Carson Calhoun and was awarded my Yoga Teacher Training accreditation.

During this intensive teacher training, I was lucky enough to be taught by some truly incredible teachers including Carson, Christina Opel, Marie Belle Pérez Rivera, Sam Vetrano and Irene Pappas. I will be forever grateful for their guidance, patience and support.

I have also undertaken training with Annie Carpenter, famously referred to as ‘the teacher’s teacher’, to further develop my yoga teaching skills, knowledge and abilities.

Yoga is a never-ending journey of learning and progression. I truly believe that yoga should be for everybody and every body. The mat is not a place for ego, perfection or judgement, and this is something that I reinforce in each and every one of my classes, whether online or in person.

I want to share with you the joy that yoga has given me. The Bhagavad Gita said, “Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.” Take the journey with me, enjoy your practice and embrace all that yoga can offer you.

I hope I see you on the mat soon.
Love & Light,
Noelle  x
RYT 500 Trained Yoga Teacher

My yoga classes in Leith and online are engaging and interactive with a strong focus on correct alignment to avoid injury. Modifications and amplifications will be offered and props (yoga blocks, straps, blankets and cushions) can be included.

Some classes will focus more on energetics practices like unblocking chakras, setting intentions, and pranayama (breathwork) and meditation will be incorporated. In any style of class, lots of fun will be had with some spiritual insights thrown in along the way and you will feel rejuvenated and renewed afterwards.

Noelle Marie Yoga

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