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Flare* Festival

  • Location: Summerhall, Edinburgh

  • Date: Saturday, January 21st

  • Time: 10:00 am – 7:00 pm

  • Cost: £25 Full-Day Ticket

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I am delighted to be teaching my class Vinyasa Flow – Stoke Your Inner Flame with Noelle Kelly from 10:30 am to 11:15 am at the Flare* Festival in Edinburgh on Saturday, January 21st. Expect breathwork, mudras, affirmations and chakra healing during this fiery flow, tapping into energy of the solar plexus chakra to spaek confidence, willpower and determination in keeping with the inspiring “I can do anything!” theme of the day. Also as we have the New Moon in Aquarius, we’ll also work with the third eye chakra as it is the centre of our intuition and these two chakras are linked – “Trust your gut!”

Flare* Festival Edinburgh 2023

About Flare* Festival

FLARE* Festival is a community-focused well-being event, which elevates, champions and celebrates all the unsung heroes in the small business space, who are passionate about serving others, with their mission to make a contribution to YOUR well-being. With so much external noise stealing our attention and gate-crashing our focus, getting us caught in a cycle of doom, all the way around to gloom and back, let’s get together and say “NO” to joy thieves, and a big “HELL YEAH!” to putting our wants and needs first and making feeling good our number one priority.

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Expect a full feast of talks, workshops, creative classes, movement, performances, mindfulness, stalls & demonstrations, music, sharing circles, raffles, dancing, food and much, much more, all lovingly cooked to perfection and served up on silver platters a plenty, by a whole host of local small businesses, who want to help make a difference in your life. This event promises to Ignite connection, Spark creativity and Blaze inspiration, within the community and beyond!

FLARE* Festival is a non-profit event, with 100% of the ticket profits being donated to local Edinburgh charity, Love Po, who gives gifts and experiences to cancer patients and their families, who are currently going through treatment, to help put smiles on their faces and create lasting memories, during what is a difficult time.

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Previous Events…

Thurles Yoga Workshop

  • Location: Cabragh Wetlands Centre

  • Date: Saturday, May 14th

  • Time: 9:30 – 11:30 am

  • Cost: €25

I am delighted to be hosting a yoga workshop in my hometown Thurles (Ireland) in the Cabragh Wetlands Centre on Saturday, May 14th from 9:30-11:30 am.

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As the sun will still be in Taurus, we’ll be building up to The Full Flower Moon in Scorpio on May 16th, so themes of grounding, inner security, self-care and self-love will feature in our practice.


You can expect a mediation and breathwork to settle and centre ourselves, some warm-up postures, more detailed breakdowns of some common poses, an NMY style vinyasa flow followed by some juicy longer holds of restorative poses with a looong savasana/final resting pose to wrap things up.

  • Option of hands-on assists and adjustments if you’re comfortable with that or you can opt-out.
  • We can come together in community, to have tea and a chat afterwards or if you need to get on with your day you can feel free to head away.
  • Attendees will need to bring their own yoga mats and any other props they would like to have on the day e.g. blocks, strap, a blanket, an eye mask.
  • All are welcome regardless of yoga experience, age, shape, gender, (insert any other word you can think of here!).
  • There will be no judgment, expectation or competition. Come with an open mind and an open heart.

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Edinburgh Yoga Festival 2021


In September 2021, I taught two classes at the Edinburgh Yoga Festival with “Heart Opening Chakra” themes.



Edinburgh Yoga Festival Noelle Kelly
Noelle Marie Yoga

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