Below is some information that you might find useful before attending a class online, or in person, with Noelle Marie Yoga.

If your question is not answered here, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

What do I need to attend a live online yoga class?

A device & internet connection

A fully-charged device with camera, video and sound capabilities. Make sure the device is plugged into a power source for the duration of the class if the battery is not reliable. The device needs to be connected to the internet or have data if you’re using a mobile or tablet. Ideally, it would be better to practice with a large screen so you can clearly see smaller movements. A laptop linked to a TV would be best but if you don’t have that setup, you can follow along from your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

What equipment do I need?

A yoga mat is really the only equipment you 100% need to practice. If you don’t have a mat, you can practice directly on the floor if that’s comfortable for your wrists, knees and back – it may even be better for some balancing postures. I don’t recommend using a towel or blanket underneath as these may slip when practising.

What should I wear?

General workout clothes should be perfect as long as they are comfortable and you can move freely in them. Yoga class is not the time for jeggings or skinny jeans! Some people (me included!) love tight fit clothing while practising yoga like your typical yoga pants/leggings as they move around less and are less distracting, others love looser baggy items like the yoga style MC Hammer/elephant pants. It’s all down to how you feel in what you’re wearing when practising.

Will I need to use props?

If you have props like yoga blocks or a strap at home this would be great as we may incorporate them for support and correct alignment in certain postures. You can also use thick books, a small low table or chair, or a sturdy metal water bottle (probably the best substitute) instead of a block. A belt, especially one from a dressing gown, a tie, a scarf or a rolled-up towel can be used instead of a yoga strap. Blankets, cushions and towels can easily be used instead of yoga blankets and bolsters. Free wall space and chairs may also come in handy from time to time depending on the style of class, I will always let you know in the class description or at the beginning of class so you can be prepared.

What software or app do I need?

Zoom works best with the Chrome web browser if you are using the desktop app or laptop. You’ll need to download the Zoom app or software if you don’t already have it. It’s free to use and you can download it here. Please take some time to familiarise yourself with Zoom before class begins and sign in to Zoom ahead of time. Be sure to use the same email address for your Zoom account as you use to sign up to the class. Once you book your spot in a class, you’ll receive an email with my class Zoom link. Simply follow the link to join. This link will only work for that specific class.

PLEASE NOTE: You may need to check your spam, junk or promotions folder for the email or you can add my email address to your contacts to avoid the email going to spam or junk folders.

PLEASE NOTE: You need to sign up for classes 60 minutes before the meeting start time as class sign-ups are cut-off after that to give time to allow the links and emails to go out. You can find my schedule here.

Will I enjoy an online yoga class?

Come to class with an open mind an open heart.

If you have never tried yoga before or if you have never tried a live online yoga class over Zoom before if you come to class with an open mind, ready and willing to step outside your comfort zone, I promise that you will enjoy the experience thoroughly.

I am a complete beginner, can I come to your live online yoga classes?

Absolutely. We all have to start somewhere and I can offer modifications and suggest alternatives for beginners. However, due to the nature of online classes, it can be quite hard to properly see and assess your ability so please be careful with your body and please do let me know beforehand if it’s your first time ever doing yoga so I can offer the appropriate cues and demonstrations.

I can’t even touch my toes, can I come to your live online yoga classes?

100% yes! Yoga is for every body and I will give options and modifications for all abilities. We all have completely different bodies, ranges of motion, mobility and limitations. There is space for everyone, we are all learning and growing together.

What if I can’t do a pose?

‘No judgement, no competition, no expectations.’

There are absolutely no worries if you can’t do a pose – regardless of the level of difficulty. Yoga is meant to be non-competitive and practised without ego. It’s about being present and aware, and it’s definitely not about forcing or hurting your body. There are some positions that you might never have attempted to put yourself in before. Honour your body by doing what is best for you and it and never force your body into a pose it’s not ready for. I will offer modifications for all postures and with time and patience, maybe one day you will find you can get into a position that initially seemed impossible. If it never comes, that’s okay too, it’s all about the journey. It’s a lifelong practice.

Do I need to leave my camera on during the live online yoga class?

It’s a good idea that you turn your camera on for the best possible experience. While I don’t want to say ‘yes you have to leave your camera on’, if your camera is on, it means I can see you, and then I can give you verbal corrections just like in an in-person class. If you do choose not to leave your camera on be aware that I won’t be able to offer you any personal feedback or verbal adjustments on postures.

If keeping your video on (recommended), try to orient yourself so that your mat is facing toward the camera, ideally from a side view for better corrections but a front view will do and the camera should be able to see most of your body from your head to your feet.

Can I change the view, so I am only seeing you, the teacher?

On Zoom, on the top right-hand side, you can click ‘Speaker’ view to see only me, the teacher. ‘Gallery’ view will also show any other students in the class in a grid formation. If your screen is very small you might want to stick with ‘Speaker’ view, however, ‘Gallery’ view is a nicer option as it creates a sense of community as you get to see and connect with other students and creates the feeling that you’re in a group class.

Can I ask questions during class?

The live-streaming class will be conducted just like an in-studio class. So, unfortunately, I cannot take questions during class. I will also mute all participants once we get started with the class so that your background noises don’t make you feature as the main speaker during the class. I’m sure most students will be happy about that anyway unless they would like the chance to practice teaching a class!

I will stay on Zoom for a little while after class to answer any questions you might have, get some feedback from you about the class, have a chat, drink some tea or coffee, try to get your dog/pet on camera …!

What should I do if my live-stream freezes suddenly or I have other tech issues?

In the online world of gadgets, I understand that tech issues happen. If your screen freezes, stay in the class, and it should sort itself out in a minute or two. If your video freezes all the time, it may be an issue with the speed of your internet connection. If you accidentally put a filter of a cat on your face for the whole class and don’t know how to get it off, that’s cool too! I’ll try my best to keep my yogi composure!

Are you registered with the Yoga Alliance?

Yes, my RYT 500 is registered with the Yoga Alliance.

How far in advance can I book a class?

You can book an online class up to 60 mins before the class start time. For an in-person class, you can book up to 20 mins before the class begins. 

How far in advance can I cancel or reschedule a class?

If you can’t make it to class, you can cancel up to two hours in advance of the class time. 

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